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Event: Sexual Consent – an interactive workshop

Schuh.SexColumn.consent-is-sexy1-640x498Friday 26 July, 2013 – 6:30pm-9pm: The Direct Action Monterey Network will be hosting an interactive workshop on negotiating sexual consent. The event will take place at the Peace Resource Center in Seaside.

Even though we’re feminist, anarchist, and free-thinkers, that doesn’t mean that we are “done” actively engaging in sexual consent. Consent is not like riding a bicycle; it takes constant and continual work, but it’s work that can be immensely rewarding. The Direct Action Monterey Network will be hosting a workshop on sexual consent that will include discussions, writing exercises, and hands-on activities.

We’ll be hanging out from 6:30pm, but doors will close at 7pm, and late-comer may not be admitted.

This workshop aims to be an anti-racist and fat, trans & queer positive space.

For more information, you can email Stephanie at centralcoastdirectaction [at]

Meet the facilitators!

45421_1455615905371_8377853_nSTEPHANIE SPOTO is white, female, cis-gendered, American, and queer.  She has been active with immigrant rights groups such as No Borders Scotland, the Unity Centre Glasgow, and the Welcoming.  She has also worked with activists in the Anarchist Federation Scotland, higher education, and Safer Spaces Edinburgh. She now works as a bookseller at Old Capitol Books and organizes community education programs.

R Gilmer 2sRYAN GILMER is a cis-gender, bi-sexual, multiracial, American female. A poet and singer, she is an active member of the Direct Action Monterey Network. She has previous experience with sexual assault.


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