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UntitledEvery Tuesday from 7pm-8pm, the Old Capitol Books hosts the Monterey Radical Community Gathering, organized by the Direct Action Monterey Network (D.A.M.N.)

Gather with us every Tuesday from 7-8pm at Old Capitol Books.

The next meetings will be Tuesday July 1st, July 8th, July 15th and July 22nd.

This is a forum for anarchists, feminists, socialists, and other anti-authoritarian revolutionaries in the Monterey/Salinas area to find each other, discuss ideas and news, and take action! Fellow travelers, sympathizers, and supporters are welcome!

We are committed to creating a world without hierarchy or coercive authority. We fight against all forms of oppression and exploitation.

We desire a free, egalitarian society. We embrace autonomy and horizontalidad (horizontalism) both in the way we organize ourselves, and in the world we are trying to build.

We believe that creating such a world requires a fundamental transformation of society. In a word, revolution.

We are currently organizing several projects, including a Really Really Free Market, a prison & community education project, a Solidarity Network, and a reading group. If you want to learn more about or contribute to any of these projects then join us every Tuesday from 7-8pm.

We usually meet outside, but if its cold they’ll be inside Old Capitol Books at 559 Tyler Street, Monterey, CA 93940.

Contact Direct Action Monterey Network:

centralcoastdirectation [at]


Find Old Capitol Books:


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